9 Travel-Friendly Beauty Essentials to Keep You Looking Fresh On the Go

Traveling can be one of the best ways to recharge our batteries, resulting in higher productivity and a more cheerful disposition. However, whether we reach our destination via plane, train or automobile, traveling can also be physically exhausting and take a toll on our appearance.

The most popular travel method for getting from point A to point B is flying—yet an airplane cabin’s environment is remarkably dry due to its low humidity levels, which can translate to dull, lackluster-looking skin. The extremely dry air can also cause breakouts due to our sebaceous glands overcompensating, triggering an increase in oil production and voilà: post-flight pimples. And if that weren’t enough, being sedentary on a flight means less circulation, which can ultimately lead to puffiness and bloating.

Fluctuating temps, low humidity and recycled air on a plane can suck the life out of our hair, as well. Locks can be left looking flat or frizzy, drier and full of static. Not to mention that hair is super porous, so it probably reeks a bit after a long flight.

And although we may be tempted to pack more pairs of shoes than products, you’ll want to be sure to continue your daily regimen even while traveling. Don’t miss out on having flawless skin, awesome hair and a pleasant aroma when you’re on the go. This means packing your travel-size products to keep your body (and the TSA) happy.

Before you bon voyage, make your jet-setting more enjoyable with these travel essentials, ahead.

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Travel-induced stress can trigger oiliness and acne symptoms, but to thwart any potential irritation, try maintaining your normal skin care routine even if you’re on the move. The good news? Most of your favorite skin care products have mini versions you can take with you wherever you go, even on the plane, like this cleansing oil from DHC.

2. FOREO LUNA™ play

A  flight in between meetings may leave little time for a thorough cleanse. To make sure your skin feels fresh after a long day of traveling, take the FOREO LUNA™ play with you. This bacteria-resistant electric facial-cleansing device uses Sonic Pulse Technology to break up bacteria buildup. Plus, you can use this 100 times without charging, so you can leave those annoying cords behind.

3. DAFNI go Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush – Purple

Taking Insta-worthy pics when road-tripping can be a challenge when your hair doesn’t agree with the weather. But thanks to this hairstyling brush, which includes a detachable cord for easy transportation, you can have a great hair day whenever, wherever!

4. Avène Thermal Spring Water

Keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed no matter what time zone you’re in with Avène Thermal Spring Water. Formulated with trace minerals and silicates, this hydrating mist soothes and reduces irritation. Great for those with sensitive, sensitized or stressed skin.

5. AGENT NATEUR Holi(stick) No 3 Deodorant

Free from potentially harmful additives like aluminum, this natural deodorant is powered by organic, non-GMO food-based ingredients to keep you smelling fresh (even during a long-haul flight). It effectively keeps you odor-free for more than 24 hours while its nourishing coconut-oil base provides antimicrobial properties. Stash this travel-size deodorant in your purse, briefcase or carry-on.

6. Sol de Janeiro Acai Body Power Cream

Long flights can leave your skin feeling dehydrated, so don’t forget to pack Sol de Janeiro’s Acai Body Power Cream for your next adventure. Infused with nutrient-rich ingredients like coconut oil and cupuaçu butter, this body cream works to maintain natural moisture level even at high altitudes.

7. COOLA Travel Size Body SPF 30 Piña Colada Sunscreen Spray

Enjoy some fun in the sun without the effects of harmful UV rays with the Travel Size Body SPF 30 Piña Colada Sunscreen Spray by COOLA. Suitcase-friendly and convenient to apply, this water-resistant spray provides the protection you need when jetting off to your favorite destination.

8. patchology Perfect Weekend FlashMasque Kit

A five-minute facial? On the car or plane? Yes, please! This Perfect Weekend FlashMasque Kit from patchology is a dream come true for busy, avid travelers who can’t find 30 minutes to spare on in-office facials. With three masks that target different skin concerns in five minutes, you won’t miss your facialist at all!

9. slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask – Pink

We all know that getting adequate sleep prevents premature aging, but why not look glamorous while doing so? slip is a brand devoted to making every night’s sleep a lavish beauty experience and their Pure Silk Sleep Mask is no exception. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, this mask helps to reduce signs of friction, stretching and tugging while also promoting a restful night’s sleep during your next flight.

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